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3rd-May-2014 05:00 pm - Scene help
NT - Intelligence Riley
Does anyone know which Merlin episode has Merlin saving Arthur from drowning? I remember the scene quite vividly and I thought it was in the first season, but I can't find it.

Also which episode/s does Merlin ride the dragon and let out a whoop of joy?

Thank you!
Media: High res image
Description: Below the cut is an image that I have seen in many places but I have long forgotten from who I originally saved it from. I was hoping to find a high-res or as high-res as possible version of it.
Episode (if known): No idea
Preferred file format: JPEG
Other notes (if required): I am somewhat new to the Merlin fandom so I have no idea about what resource sites are out there. I have tried to find it myself but with no luck so thank you to anyone who can help.

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13th-Aug-2011 12:33 am(no subject)
prince and wizard
 Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any pictures/screencaps of Merlin where his boots are clearly visible. Though, a close up of just the boots would be preferable. 

Please and thank you! :]
I cannot remember each and every moment of the show unfortunately, therefore I'm asking my question here, hopefully the ultimate community of Merlin fans will be able to help.:P

I'm looking for a scene, where Arthur writes and/or reads. Does this scene exist at all? If the answer is yes, please lead me to the episode, additionally - if possible - a time stamp of where this scene is, would be fantastic.

I appreciate any help! Thanks!
birmingham memorabilia angel 201110

Here's a few hi-res copies of photos I took today of Angel and Rupert in Birmingham. You can find all the ones I think are at least half-decent here on Photobucket. A few edited versions are on merlinlocations .

Feel free to use as you wish, but comments and credit are forever ♥

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20th-Sep-2010 06:07 pm - Merlin BFI screening 2010 video
Hey, long time lurker first time poster  here!
I know the BFI screening was over 2 weeks ago now but I went to see Pierrefonds straight afterwards and have only just now made a short video of footage I took at the event. So here it is:

I apologise for gaining nobody's permission to use them in this video!
Coming soon: Footage from Pierrefonds with much more silliness and squeeing!
19th-Sep-2010 04:36 pm - more photos from Pierrefonds...
pierrefonds bradley+jeremy+colin discuss
I'm finally back home from Pierrefonds and elsewhere, and have been able to start getting organised re uploading photos, and so on. Hurrah! Not that your photographic needs haven't already been met and then some, but here's my contribution, for what it's worth. :-D

Click for some pretties... but SPOILERS AHOY!Collapse )
Actor - Katie McGrath - French Comic Con
 Yesterday I posted pictures and videos from Merlin set. 

Well today it's still from Merlin set but the videos show what Anthony Head and Katie McGrath are doing while they were waiting :)

Find them @ 3xcusemyfrench 
16th-Sep-2010 01:08 pm - Merlin's set in France - 10 sept 2010
BEATLES default
benelie just posted her report on her latest visit on the set of Merlin in Pierrefonds.

Click here to read the post, complete with pictures and videos. It contains huge spoilers about upcoming episodes.
14th-Sep-2010 07:42 am - Caps: Episode 3x01
[trek] phasers set to sexy.
Over at my LJ, I've posted 1665 unsorted TV-rip quality caps of episode 3x01, "The Tears of Uther Pendragon". Preview not included to avoid spoilage of the next episode.

preview / download
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