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Scene help

Does anyone know which Merlin episode has Merlin saving Arthur from drowning? I remember the scene quite vividly and I thought it was in the first season, but I can't find it.

Also which episode/s does Merlin ride the dragon and let out a whoop of joy?

Thank you!

Looking for a specific high-res image of Merlin

Media: High res image
Description: Below the cut is an image that I have seen in many places but I have long forgotten from who I originally saved it from. I was hoping to find a high-res or as high-res as possible version of it.
Episode (if known): No idea
Preferred file format: JPEG
Other notes (if required): I am somewhat new to the Merlin fandom so I have no idea about what resource sites are out there. I have tried to find it myself but with no luck so thank you to anyone who can help.

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Help needed: does this special scene exist?

I cannot remember each and every moment of the show unfortunately, therefore I'm asking my question here, hopefully the ultimate community of Merlin fans will be able to help.:P

I'm looking for a scene, where Arthur writes and/or reads. Does this scene exist at all? If the answer is yes, please lead me to the episode, additionally - if possible - a time stamp of where this scene is, would be fantastic.

I appreciate any help! Thanks!

Merlin BFI screening 2010 video

Hey, long time lurker first time poster  here!
I know the BFI screening was over 2 weeks ago now but I went to see Pierrefonds straight afterwards and have only just now made a short video of footage I took at the event. So here it is:

I apologise for gaining nobody's permission to use them in this video!
Coming soon: Footage from Pierrefonds with much more silliness and squeeing!